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Livesearch Requests

Our Livesearch service lets you receive direct notifications of our client's search requests. This allows you to submit images you may already have in your portfolios or private archives.

Livesearch requests appear on the contributor APP.

Just submit the images as you would a regular submission. Once uploaded, go to the image edit workspace and select the Livesearch request from the drop-down menu. All images enter the normal submission process.

Ensure all images meet our submission criteria.

Dave Wall Tutorials

Our contributors have private access to tutorials by Adobe-certified Guru Dave Wall. Dave's tutorials are hugely informative and cover both Photoshop and Lightroom.

His videos appear on the contributor APP.

Weekly Image Challenge

We post an image challenge on the contributor APP every week that picks out a popular theme, subject or trend in book publishing.

To upload images for challenges, upload them as you would a regular submission and add the challenge tag in Image Edit. The images submitted for challenges also enter the usual submission process.